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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a top priority of the North Dakota Bankers Association. The need for financial education is greater than ever, and recognition of this fact continues to gain public attention at the local, state and national levels. Bankers are experts at money management, so it's a natural fit for them to be involved in consumer education programs.

Whether it is teaching children the benefits of saving, educating teenagers on how to use credit wisely, instructing young adults in budgeting for and financing their first home, having programs for the unbanked or helping to protect the elderly from fraud, there are many ways for North Dakota bankers to enhance the lives of citizens in their communities.

It is important that your bank makes a commitment to provide financial education in your community and find the right person to pursue the objectives that have been put in place. There are several excellent programs available that the North Dakota Bankers Association can assist you with.


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