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The NDBA government relations program is guided, foremost, by the NDBA Legislative Committee, a group that is comprised of bankers from around North Dakota. The Legislative Committee meets at least three times during each legislative cycle.

At the first meeting, the committee considers member ideas for bills that NDBA may "sponsor" before the legislative assembly and reviews issues upon which legislation may be proposed in North Dakota. The committee then develops the foundation for the NDBA legislative program by assigning each issue a priority.

At its second meeting of a legislative cycle, the committee takes positions in support or opposition of the priority issues. This final priority list is the foundation of the NDBA legislative program. From there, NDBA staff prepares and secures introduction of NDBA "sponsored" bills and tracks other introduced bills to determine their effect on members.

At its third meeting, the Legislative Committee receives an update and takes or refines positions on bills that have been introduced for action by the legislative assembly. Positions on legislation which has not been able to be "vetted" in this manner are determined by consultation among the Legislative Committee Chair, NDBA Executive Committee and NDBA government relations staff.

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