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Treasury Outlines Winding Down of TARP Bank Programs

Posted on 5/4/2012

The Treasury Department yesterday outlined how it would wind down the bank programs under the Troubled Asset Relief Program that so far have garnered taxpayers a $19 billion positive return.

"Treasury has three basic options: We can wait for the banks to repay Treasury, restructure the investments, or sell the investments. We plan to wind down the portfolio, as we have done to date, using a mix of all three," Tim Massad, Treasury assistant secretary for financial stability, said in a blog post on the agency's website.

Massad noted that there are still 343 mostly smaller community banks remaining in TARP's Capital Purchase Program. "As with all of our TARP investments, the extent to which Treasury employs each of the individual options -- repayments, restructurings, and sales -- will ultimately depend on market conditions," he said.

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