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ND Legislative Leadership Elections

Posted on 11/12/2012

North Dakota House and Senate Republican legislative leadership will stay largely the same for the 2013 Legislative Session with the only changes coming in the House Speaker and the Senate Assistant Majority Leader positions.

Republican House members have elected Rep. Bill Devlin of Finley House Speaker; Al Carlson of Fargo Majority Leader; Don Vigesaa of Cooperstown Assistant Majority Leader and Mike Nathe of Bismarck GOP Caucus Chairman.

Republican Senate members have elected Rich Wardner of Dickinson Majority Leader; Jerry Klein of Fessenden Assistant Majority Leader and David Hogue of Minot Senate Caucus Chairman.

The state Democratic-NPL Party plans to meet Dec. 2 to elect its leadership. House Minority Leader Jerry Kelsh of Fullerton is expected to run for another term. Senate Democrats will choose a new Minority Leader to replace Ryan Taylor.

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