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FBI / SBS Warns of OpUSA Cyber Attacks

Posted on 9/3/2013

The FBI on Friday warned financial institutions to take precautionary measures in anticipation of distributed denial of service attacks, or DDoS, that criminal hackers have planned for this month. Most of the targets of the attacks, which are expected to comprise Phase I of an effort known as "OpUSA," are U.S. government agencies and financial institutions.

According to multiple news sources, an Anonymous-affiliated group has announced its intention to launch a second round of cyber-attacks in support of OpUSA on September 11, said a press release from Secure Banking Solutions (SBS).

The FBI said precautionary measures include implementing a data back-up and recovery plan; readying a DDoS mitigation strategy; regularly mirroring and maintaining an image of critical system files; and scrutinizing links contained in email attachments.

OpUSA previously targeted websites associated with the financial industry in May 2013. OpUSA is described as a cyber-attack on US-based web sites and servers, with a focus on the financial industry.

Through its affiliations with different government agencies, banking associations and partnerships, SBS has been provided information on different "known" IP addresses and website URLS that are associated with bot-nets (such as "Brobot" and "Kamikaze/Toxin") utilized in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from recent events, as well as information on the upcoming iteration of Anonymous' newest OpUSA DDoS attack.

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