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          Compared to businesses in urban areas, more rural businesses   of at least $313 million as of Dec. 31 of both of the prior two
          also reported having higher credit scores, experiencing fewer   calendar years, and less than $1.252 billion as of Dec. 31 either
          financial challenges in the previous 12 months and receiving   of the two prior calendar years. These adjustments will be
          the full amount of financing they sought from a lender. Rural   effective Jan. 1, 2018.
          businesses were also more likely to indicate that they had   To read more visit:
          sufficient financing; 51 percent said they had enough financing,   newsevents/pressreleases/bcreg20171221a.htm
          compared to 45 percent of urban firms.
          To view the survey visit:  Top 100 Ag Bank Lists Updated
          centers/small_business/pdf/credit_survey/sbcs_report_rural_  ABA’s lists of the top 100 ag banks by dollar volume and top
          employer_firms_2016.pdf                                100 ag banks by concentration have been updated with third-
                                                                 quarter 2017 data.
          ABA Survey: Farm Profitability                         To view the Top 100 Farm Lenders Ranked by Dollar
          Remains Down But Fewer                                 Volume Visit:
          Lenders Report Declines
                                                                 To view the Top 100 Farm Lenders Ranked by
          Farm         profitability                             Concentration visit:
          continued to decline in the                            Documents/Top100AgBanksbyFarmLoanConcentration.pdf
          first half of 2017, according
          to the latest agricultural                             CFPB Launches New HMDA
          lenders survey conducted
          by ABA and Farmer Mac. While the overwhelming majority   Tools
          of ag lenders – 82 percent – reported declines in profitability,   The CFPB has launched new tools to support banks when
          that figure was down seven points from six months before. The   reporting Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, including a rate
          approval rate for ag loans was 84 percent.             spread calculator and a check digit tool.
          “We were encouraged to see that lenders remain ready to assist   To view the tools visit:
          farmers and fulfill their credit needs despite the drag in the   data-research/hmda/for-filers
          agricultural economy,” said Brittany Kleinpaste, director of
          economic policy and research at ABA. “Overall, the data showed   HUD to Withdraw Proposed
          that agricultural lenders are a little more optimistic about what’s
          ahead for their customers than they were in December of 2016.”   Rule on ‘Flood Resilience

          To read more visit:  Standard’
                                                                 The Department of Housing and
                                                                 Urban Development announced that it
          Agencies Update CRA Asset-                             will withdraw an Obama-era proposed
          Size Thresholds                                        rule that would require elevation
                                                                 standards for all HUD-supported
          The federal regulators                                 properties. The rule would have revised
          have announced the                                     HUD’s minimum property standards
          annual  adjustment                                     for single-family homes with mortgages insured by FHFA and
          to  the   asset-size                                   for public housing developments.
          thresholds they will
          use to differentiate small and intermediate banks and savings   To read more visit:
          associations under the Community Reinvestment Act.
          A “small bank” or “small savings association” will be defined   FHLB Advances, Collateral
          as an institution that, as of Dec. 31 of either of the prior
          two calendar years, had assets of less than $1.252 billion. An   Increase in 2016
          “intermediate small bank” or “intermediate small savings   Advances from Federal Home Loan Banks during 2016
          association” will be defined as a small institution with assets   increased from the year before by 11 percent to $705 billion,

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