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         Bank Webinars

        NDBA offers convenient bank training and access
        to timely topics through a variety of webinars.

         EVENT                               DATE               EVENT                               DATE
         Masterful Time Management           February 9         Vital Check and Deposit Issues -    February 22
                                                                Two Part Series
         Consumer Real Estate Loans          February 12
                                                                Dealing with Appraisals:            February 23
         Box Renter Dies, Who Goes Into      February 13
         the Box?                                               Regulations and Requirements
                                                                Basic Personal and Business Tax  February 26
         Opening New Accounts Part III:      February 13
         Trust and Fiduciary                                    Return Analysis
                                                                BSA Emerging Issues 2018            February 27
         Regulation CC - Check Holds         February 14
                                                                It’s Time for a TRID Check Up       February 28
         Compliance Rules for Commercial  February 15
         Loans Secured by Real Estate                           ACH Origination and Same Day        February 28
         Mapping Multi-Tiered Business       February 15
         Accounts                                               Addressing Threats of Violence      March 1
         Call Report for Banks - Recent      February 16        Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers        March 1
         Changes, Highlights, and Pitfalls
                                                                Call Report - Lending Schedules     March 2
         8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling    February 20        for Banks

         Writing an Effective Credit         February 20        Commercial Construction Lending March 5
                                                                Residential Construction Lending    March 6
         ACH Rules Update                    February 21
                                                                Best-Ever Compliance Checklists  March 6
         Open-Ended Lines of Credit -        February 21        for Commercial Loans
         Compliance Issues

         Ransomware and Cyber Extortion February 22            For more information, visit and
                                                               click on “Education” and then “Web Seminars.”
         Vital Check and Deposit Issues -    February 22
         Part I

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