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         Bank Webinars

        NDBA offers convenient bank training and access
        to timely topics through a variety of webinars.

         EVENT                               DATE                EVENT                               DATE
         FFIEC Information Security          October 20          Federal Compliance School           November 6
         Handbook Review                                         OnDemand with Live Streaming

         Marketing & Advertising             October 24          Compliance Management System  November 6
         Compliance                                              (CMS): What a Successful
                                                                 Program Looks Like
         Employment Compliance               October 24
         Obligations Under the Trump                             Untangling the Web of Fee           November 6
         Administration                                          Disclosures
         Tech Fraud: A Virtual Minefield     October 25          Information Security Program        November 7
                                                                 Basics: Create and Build Your
         Exploring the IRA Universe - Part   October 26
         II                                                      Program
                                                                 Lending 101                         November 7
         Compliance Perspectives: A          October 26
         Monthly Update                                          Violence in Your Workplace:         November 8
                                                                 Prevention & Response
         Lending to Non-Profit               October 27
         Organizations                                           Employment Records and How to  November 9
                                                                 Keep Them
         Contingent Liabilities: Three Lines  October 30
         of Defense for Lenders                                  Loan Participations for             November 9
         UDAAP: Risk Assessment,             October 31          Community Banks: Risks &
         Examination Procedures and                              Rewards
         Management                                              7 Habits of Highly Successful       November 13
         TRID for Construction Loans         November 2
         BSA Series: 10 BSA Exam Hot         November 2         For more information, visit and
         Spots                                                  click on “Education” and then “Web Seminars.”
         Basic Cash Flow Analysis            November 3

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