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          Survey: Three in Four U.S.                             Article Examines How Fixed-

          Voters Say Tax Reform Should                           Rate Products Meet Farm
          Be Priority for Congress                               Needs

          Nearly  three-fourths  of  U.S.                        In the latest free article from
          registered voters believe that                         the forthcoming November/
          passing tax reform should                              December issue of the ABA
          be the top or an important                             Banking Journal, Brian Nixon
          priority  for   Congress,                              explores how banks are using
          according to a new survey                              fixed-rate credit solutions to
          conducted  by   Morning                                meet farmers’ needs during a
          Consult for the Financial Services Roundtable. Among   volatile and unpredictable time for interest rates. Providing an
          potential  legislative priorities,  only  passing  an  infrastructure   option to structure longer-term credit at fixed rates can help
          bill outranked tax reform as a top or important priority, the   put producers in a better position to weather these challenging
          survey found. Tax reform was rated by more people as a top or   conditions in the ag economy, Jeff Plagge of Iowa-based
          important priority than entitlement reform, health-care reform   Northwest Financial Corporation told Nixon.
          and immigration.
                                                                 For example, bankers use Farmer Mac to make fixed-rate
          Almost nine in 10 said that simplifying the U.S. tax code is   options available to their agricultural customers. “Probably for
          important – representing majorities in both parties and among   the last 10 or 12 years, we’ve utilized it not so much from a
          all demographic groups. More than two-thirds said the tax code   funding standpoint, but more from the standpoint to provide
          has too many loopholes and is too complex, and just 29 percent   long-term, fixed interest rates to our borrowers,” Ed Coates of
          said it is fair to businesses. A plurality of 45 percent said that tax   New York’s NBT Bank told the Banking Journal – a shift that
          reform should level the playing field and not impose industry-  has become more common in recent years.
          specific taxes; 30 percent disagreed and 26 percent said they
          didn’t know or had no opinion.
          The poll also asked Americans about specific tax reform elements.
          By a more-than-two-to-one margin, voters supported continued
          interest  deductibility.  Americans  also supported keeping the
          mortgage interest deduction, providing low-income community
          development tax credits and lowering business tax rates.
                                                                     When you need experience now!
          To view the survey visit:
          content/uploads/2017/10/FSR-MC-Tax-Reform-Poll-Results.pdf  We Can Help Your Financial Insstuson With...

          Gallup: Nearly Half of

          Americans Say Regulation
          A  45  percent  plurality  of  Americans  say there  is  too  much   Vendor Contract   Payment System   On-Demand
          government regulation of business, according to a Gallup poll.   Negotiations  Options       CIO Services
          Twenty-three percent said there is too little regulation, and 29
          percent said the amount is about right.

          The trend is consistent with post-2009 sentiments that have
          seen anywhere from 45 to 50 percent of Americans seeing
          business regulation as excessive. The number in 2017 ticked
          down slightly from 2016, when 47 percent agreed that there         Technology      Core Application
          was too much regulation.                                                               Review
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