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          Commodity prices continued to be a top concern among 93   The study found that
          percent of ag lenders, particularly grain and dairy, the survey   these concerns have
          found. In addition, 87 percent said they were concerned about   dinged Net Promoter
          liquidity, 85 percent were concerned about farm income and 77   Scores for the three
          percent were concerned about farm leverage.            mobile    payments
                                                                 apps,  leaving  Apple’s
          To view the survey visit:
          Function/Ag/Documents/AgLendingSurveyReport_AG17Q2.    and Android’s apps
          pdf                                                    just above zero on the
                                                                 measure, with only a
                                                                 bare margin recommending them.
          Study: Point-of-Sale Mobile
          Payments Growth Stalls                                 To read more visit:
          Adoption of mobile payments at retail points of sale has stalled   usage-and-net-promoter-scores-says-auriemma-consulting-
          and possibly declined, according to a new study  released from   group/
          Auriemma Consulting Group. Use of top POS mobile payment
          apps Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay among eligible   CFPB Flags Higher Consumer
          users fell from 30 percent at this time last year to 25 percent.   Risks in Extended Auto Loan

          While about a third of potential mobile payments users cited   Maturities
          security as a concern, the biggest hurdle to further adoption
          or continued use appeared to be operational problems related   Although auto lending
          to merchants. Anywhere between 33 and 44 percent of active   volume  has declined
          mobile payments users, depending on the app, encountered a   in 2016 and 2017,
          problem at the register, such as staff unfamiliarity or problems   car loans with  longer
          or delays with the terminal.                           maturities continue to
                                                                 expand market share,
                                                                 according to a study
                                                                 released by the CFPB. Loans with maturities of six years or
                                                                 longer accounted for 42 percent of the market in 2017 year-to-
                                                                 date, up from 26 percent in 2009.
                                                                 Longer-maturity loans may pose greater risks to consumers,
                                                                 especially since they are more likely to be used for larger loan
                                                                 amounts and by borrowers with lower credit scores. And given
                                                                 that the average length of U.S. car ownership is 6.5 years, longer
                                                                 loan maturities may mean borrowers are paying off loans for
                                                                 cars they no longer drive.
                                                                 The dividing line in loan quality between five-year loans and
                                                                 six-year loans was especially stark, with default rates for the
                                                                 latter roughly double the former at comparable points since
                                                                 origination.  For  example,  a  six-year  car  loan  made  in  2014
                                                                 had a cumulative default rate of over 5 percent two years after
                                                                 origination, but a similar five-year loan saw a default rate of just
            Affordable Home Financing                            over 2.5 percent.

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