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          California wildfires continue to                       We would also very much

          rage; CBA asks for help                                appreciate it if you would
                                                                 share this email with your
          From our colleagues at the California Bankers Association:   members as well.
          “The multiple Southern California fires raging over the past    “Please know that we are
          several days have created massive devastation and loss to so many   grateful for the continued
          in our state. Nearly 100,000 people in Southern California   support that has been
          have been displaced, and the Thomas Fire has grown to become   expressed from across the
          the fifth-largest wildfire in modern California history. The   country.
          destruction that these fires have caused is truly heartbreaking,    “On behalf of the California
          and recovery for these individuals, families and communities   banking community, we thank you for your thoughts, prayers
          will take much time and many resources.                and offers of assistance.”

           “Financial support for California disaster recovery efforts   American  Red  Cross:
          is desperately needed, and any level of support that you can   Wildfires-Continue-to-Rage-in-Southern-California-Red-
          provide will be greatly appreciated. Relief for those impacted by   Cross-Provides-Shelters-and-Support
          the fires is being provided by several charitable organizations,
          including the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  Salvation Army:
          “The CBA is making a contribution to the Salvation Army
          to support their relief efforts, and we hope you will consider
          making a contribution to one of the organizations as well.
          We know that this has been a year marked by several natural
          disasters across our country, but it is absolutely critical that we
          continue to offer support to those who are so much in need.

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