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                                                               EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

                                                               CHAIRMAN           CHAIRMAN-ELECT     TREASURER
                                                               Steve Rehovsky     Todd Steinwand     Judd Graham
                                                               First United Bank   Bank of North Dakota   Bremer Bank
                                                               Park River         Bismarck           Fargo

                                                               NDBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                               Corey Cleveland    Kelly Rachel       Ernie Strube
                                                               United Valley Bank   Unison Bank      Goose River Bank
                                                               Grand Forks        Jamestown          Mayville
                                                        16     Barry Hanson       Deb Schouweiler    Dan Vollmer
                                                               United Valley Bank   Peoples State Bank   Dacotah Bank
                                                               Cavalier           Fairmount          Minot
                                                               Kim Meyer          Bruce Schreiner    Bob Willer
     14   2018 Bank Management Conference                      Gate City Bank     Garrison State Bank and Trust   American Trust Center
                                                               Jolene Muscha      Tom Stennes
     16   Live Well: Work Well – Start Planning Today for a    Bank of Glen Ullin   Harwood State Bank
                                                               Glen Ullin         Harwood
          Stress-free Holiday Season
                                                               Christie Obenauer   Holly Stromsodt
     20   Are Your IRR Assumptions Going up in Smoke?          Union State Bank   Citizens State Bank of Finley
                                                               Hazen              Finley
     24   HMDA and Company – Highlights for the
          Upcoming Year
                                                               NDBA SERVICES, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS
     IN EVERY ISSUE                                            Jeff Leuthold      Lois Bednar        Jamie Nelson
                                                               Cornerstone Bank   Bank Forward       Farmers Security Bank
                                                               New Town           Fargo              Washburn
     2    Calendar of Events
                                                               VICE-CHAIR         Gary Inman         Jeremy Skoglund
     3    NDBA Directors & Staff                               Darren Haugen      Bell Bank          Choice Financial Group
                                                               Starion Bank       Fargo              Bismarck
     4    Articles                                             Mandan
                                                                                  Todd Heilman
     12   NDBA Education Events & Webinars                                        Western State Bank
                                                                                  Devils Lake
     27   Happenings
     32   Banker Classifieds
                                                               NDBA STAFF
                                                               Rick Clayburgh     Marilyn Foss       Ann Reich
                                                               President and CEO   General Counsel   SVP of Strategic Partnerships
                                                               Jackie Bauer       Jolene German      Lisa Vance
                                                               Business and Database   Administrative Assistant   Communications and Marketing
                                                               Coordinator    Coordinator
                                                                                  Dorothy Lick
        Mission Statement                                      Angi Day           SVP of Education
                                                               Benefits Coordinator
        Extraordinary Leadership for North Dakota Banks
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