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          Yellen: Bipartisan Reg Reform                          general support for the Senate’s

          Bill Would Help Fed Tailor                             bipartisan  framework  for  regulatory
                                                                 reform, which he referred to as
          Regulations                                            “workable” and “sensible.”

          The bipartisan Senate regulatory                       Powell added that the Fed will continue
          reform bill introduced by Sen. Mike                    to seek opportunities to provide relief
          Crapo (R-Idaho) and a group of                         for banks through tailored regulation
          Senate Democrats and Republicans                       that takes into account an institution’s   Jerome Powell
          would help the Federal Reserve                         size and risk profile. “We will continue
          tailor its supervision of financial                    to consider appropriate ways to ease regulatory burdens while
          institutions, Fed Chairman Janet                       preserving core reforms – strong levels of capital and liquidity,
          Yellen told the House Financial                        stress  testing,  and  resolution  planning  –  so  that  banks  can
          Services Committee.                Janet Yellen        provide the credit to families and businesses necessary to
                                                                 sustain a prosperous economy,” he said. “In doing so, we must
          “The legislation that’s been proposed, I haven’t had a chance to
          study every detail of it, but I would say it generally incorporates   be clear and transparent about the principles that are driving
          those principles and is a move in a direction that we think would   our decisions and about the  expectations we  have for  the
          be good in enabling us to appropriately tailor our supervision,”   institutions we regulate.”
          Yellen said of S. 2155.
                                                                 Fed to Publish Libor
          Powell: Fed Will Continue                              Replacement Rate Starting in
          Pursuing Opportunities for                             Q2 2018

          Tailored Regulation                                    The Federal Reserve has announced plans to publish three new
                                                                 reference rates for use in U.S. dollar derivatives and financial
          During testimony before the Senate Banking Committee,   contracts starting in the second quarter of 2018. The rates will
          Federal Reserve Chairman-Designate Jerome Powell expressed

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