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Ask Kennedy

In this webinar series, NDBA General Counsel Tracy Kennedy reviews questions she has received from NDBA member banks. You will learn what issues banks are facing and hear answers to those issues.

The first Wednesday of each month from 11:00-11:45 am CT.
(Events will be recorded.)

A written bulletin of questions and answers will also be published by NDBA.

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Additional Information

June/July 2024 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • Special Guest Lise Kruse, Commissioner of North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions
  • Member Questions
  • The CFPB and the Federal Reserve Announce Adjustments to Thresholds Found in Regulation CC Related to Funds Availability
  • American Bankers Association Statement Regarding CFPB’s Amicus Brief in Citibank Wire Transfer Lawsuit
  • ABA Statement for the Record to the HFSC Subcommittee on Tokenization
  • Supreme Court Decision on 1071 Final Rule
  • Revocation Notice of BAM Trading Services Inc.’s (Binance) North Dakota Money Transmitter License

May 2024 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • May 2024 White Paper
  • May 2024 Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Special Guest: Dorothy Lick, NDBA Senior Vice President of Education, will be joining us to discuss the 2024 NDBA/SDBA Annual Convention taking place on June 3-5, 2024, at the Delta Hotel by Marriott in Fargo, North Dakota
    • CFPB’s Overdraft Plan is Unlawful Price Control, Banks Say
    • Agencies Extend Applicability Date of Certain Provisions of the Community Reinvestment Act Final Rule
    • ABA Money Mule Webinar
    • Upcoming NDBA Events and Trainings
April 2024 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • April 2024 White Paper
  • April 2024 Recording
    • Special Guests: Pete Jahner President of Kirkwood Bank and Trust, Becca Vogel Private Banking Specialist at Bravera Bank, Alex Kowski Business Banker at Cornerstone Bank, and Kayla Palmer Assistant Vice President of Agricultural Lending at Union State Bank
    • Member Questions
    • FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced to 25 years in Prison
    • Check Washing and Theft Check Scams
    • NDBA Bank Members Attend the ABA Washington D.C. Summit
    • Community Reinvestment Act Litigation Continued
    • Agencies Extend Applicability Date of Certain Provisions of their Community Reinvestment Act Final Rule
    • Upcoming NDBA Events and Trainings
February 2024 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • February 2024 White Paper
  • February 2024 Recording
    • Member Questions
    • What is a Motion for Use of Cash Collateral and why is it Important to Banks?
    • CFPB Overdraft Proposal Exempts Small Banks
    • Community Reinvestment Act Litigation
    • President Biden’s Veto of CFPB’s Section 1071 Final Rule
    • New Minnesota Earned Sick and Safe Time Law
    • 2024 Washington Summit
    • NDBA Useful Resources
    • Upcoming NDBA Events and Trainings 
January 2024 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • January 2024 White Paper
  • January 2024 Recording
    • Special Guest: Rick Clayburgh will discuss the highs and lows of 2023 and what he sees coming in 2024
    •  Member Questions
    • Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulation E
    • Federal Corporate Transparency Act and the NEW FinCen Beneficial Ownership Information Technology System – What we know so far.
    • NDBA Useful Resources
    • Upcoming NDBA Events and Trainings
November 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • November White Paper
  • November Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Banking Regulators Release CRA Final Rule
    • 2023 Farm Bill Update
    • Operational Considerations for Instant Repayments
    • Dangers of Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Fraud
    • NDBA Useful Resources
    • CFPB and New Data Sharing Rule
October 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • October White Paper
  • October Recording
    • Rick Clayburgh Gives Recap of NDBA Board Meeting with CFPB Director, Rohit Chopra
    • Member Questions
    • SAFER Banking Act
    • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
    • Regulating FedNow
    • Christie Huber Obenauer and Rick Clayburgh, Elected to Serve on 2023-2024 ABA Board of Directors
    • Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. vs. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    • NDBA Useful Resources
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
September 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • September White Paper
  • September Recording
    • Special Guest: Vice President of Product Management for Abrigo, Russ Chacon
    • Member Questions
    • Bank Accounting Advisory Series
    • FDIC 2023 Risk Review
    • Agencies Issue Final Policy Statement on Real Estate Loan Accommodations and Workouts
    • USDA Fast Track Pilot Program
    • Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota – U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Taking Home Equity
    • FDIC Updates Equal Housing Lender Posters
    • NDBA Useful Resources
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
August 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • August White Paper
  • August Recording
    • Special Guest NDBA Chair Pete Jahner
    • Member Questions
    • FedNow Service, a New System for Instant Payments
    • FDIC Issues List of Banks Examined for CRA Compliance
    • FDIC Estimated Uninsured Deposits Reporting Expectations
    • NDBA Opposition to Stablecoin Legislation
July 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • July White Paper
  • July Recording
    • Special Guests: NDBA President and CEO, Rick Clayburgh
    • 2023 North Dakota Legislative Summary with Rick Clayburgh
    • Member Questions
    • An In Depth Look at Electronic Promissory Notes
    • NDBA Helpful Resources
    • Upcoming NDBA Events 
June 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • June White Paper
  • June Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Corporate Transparency Act
    • SEC Files 13 Charges Against Binance
    • SAFE Bank Act of 2023
    • ACRE Act of 2023
    • Small Business Lending Collection and Reporting Requirements
    • FDIC Third-Party Risk Guidance
May 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • May White Paper
  • May Recording
    • Member Questions
    • State and Federal Updates on Remote Notaries
    • False Statements Concerning Bank Values can Result in Penalty
    • Greater North Dakota Chamber Recognizes Christie Huber Obenauer as a Woman You Need to Know in ND Business
    • ABA Accepting Applications for Emerging Leader Awards
    • NDBA Legislative Update
April 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • April White Paper
  • April Recording
    • Special Guest: Becca Vogel, Bravera Bank
    • Member Questions
    • CFPB Issues Guidance on Home Appraisal Discrimination
    • FinCEN issues an Alert on Increasing Mail Theft
    • North Dakota Legislative Session: Banking Review
    • CFPB Update
    • North Dakota Legislative Update
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
March 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • March White Paper
  • March Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Special Guest Jolene German: NDBA Administrative Coordinator
    • Special Guest Ryan Ames: Associate at Zimney Foster
    • ABA Farm Bill Statement (FIX)
    • Federal Trade Commission Anti-Fraud Resources
    • Crypto Update: Mitigation of Risk for Banks
    • REMINDER: ACH Changes Upcoming
    • NDBA Legislative Update: February 24, 2023
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
    • BankTalk Podcast
February 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • February White Paper
  • February Recording
    • Special Guest: Tara McFadden, Choice Bank
    • Member Questions
    • CFPB Updates Mortgage Servicing Exam Procedures
    • White House Crypto Roadmap
    • Trusted Contacts
    • DOT, UDAAP, & Southwest Airlines
    • North Dakota Legislative Update
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
    • Just for Fun: Noodles the Pooch, Corporate Canine
    • Bankers in Action
January 2023 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • January White Paper
  • January Recording
    • Member Question: Check-Signing Hypothetical
    • FINCEN Update
    • Potential Banking Bills of the 68th Legislative Session
    • OCC: Semiannual Risk Perspective
    • FraudWit: Fake Same Maker Check Scams
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
December 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • December White Paper
  • December Recording
    • Special Guest: Ann Reich, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at North Dakota Bankers Association
    • UDAP, Regulation DD, and FTX Advertising
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
    • HMDA Compliance Update
November 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • November White Paper
  • November Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Special Guest Bob Fossum, VP at Farmers & Merchants Bank
    • “AEI.Ag Presents” Ag Podcast
    • Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure
    • CFPB & FDIC Update
    • FDIC Stablecoin Concerns
    • Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcies
October 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • October White Paper
  • October Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Ag Credit Conference Follow-Up: Brand Laws
    • Mortgage Protection Warning
    • NDBA General Question: Fixtures
    • What the Zelle is up with Liz?
    • FAQ: Trusts
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
September 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • September White Paper
  • September Recording
    • Special Guest Kathy Torske, NDBA Chair
    • Special Guest Dustin Bakken: BND Collateral Valuation Services
    • Special Guest Rick Clayburgh, NDBA President: FDIC Multiple Re-Presentment NSF Fees
    • Member Questions
    • NDBA General Question: Child Support Liens
    • FAQ: Garnishments
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
August 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • August White Paper
  • August Recording
    • Member Questions
    • NDBA General Question: Cashier’s Checks
    • Marijuana Banking Update
    • Overdraft and Nonsufficient Funds Fees
    • Warning for Grain Farmers
    • Fintech Banking Podcasts
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
July 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • July White Paper
  • July Recording
    • Member Questions
    • It’s Called Secured Transactions, Not Secured Lending
    • Succession of a Single-Member LLC
    • Anti-Corporate Farming
    • CFPB Examination Manual Update
    • Upcoming NDBA Events

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