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ABA Issues Update on TRID Readiness
Posted on 9/30/2015
In related news, ABA sent a memo to all member bank CEOs yesterday to provide an update on TRID implementation and options bankers may be ...

Cordray Signals ‘Hold-Harmless' Period for TRID Compliance
Posted on 9/30/2015
Testifying before the House Financial Services Committee yesterday, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray signaled that the bureau and other financial regulators are working ...

Enhancements to Federal Reserve Bank Same-Day ACH Service
Posted on 9/28/2015
The Board of Governors has approved enhancements to the Federal Reserve Banks' same-day automated clearing house (ACH) service. The enhancements require receiving depository financial institutions ...


The North Dakota Bankers Association is dedicated to helping North Dakota banks succeed. We live our mission statement, Extraordinary Leadership for North Dakota Banks, daily. We listen, seek new ideas and solutions, and serve as a helpful resource. Our success comes from an active and involved membership.

We encourage all members to:
  • Participate in the government relations process--each voice matters. New laws and regulations directly impact our bank members and their customers. NDBA helps shape legislative proposals to reflect the interests of our membership.
  • Engage in educational opportunities and stay on the leading edge of learning--from dynamic conferences and workshops to the convenience of webinars at your desk.
  • Take advantage of endorsed vendor programs--generate other sources of income or realize cost-savings benefits through Association agreements with quality business partners.
  • Network with bankers through a multitude of events, including our helpful and constructive peer groups--where bankers drive the discussions and solutions are offered.
  • Promote financial literacy in their communities. NDBA has programs for young children, high school and college students, adults and senior citizens.


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