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Farm Stress PSAs - BEK Sports

Farm Stress PSAs - BEK Sports

Posted: Nov 14 2019
NDBA is partnering with BEK for another six-month run of the Farm Stress PSAs created one year ago.
If you happen to be watching the football playoffs this evening, you may see the PSAs, as the six-month air package starts today.

The PSAs will also be shown during the State Class A and State Class B Volleyball Tournaments in mid-November.  BEK will broadcast all twelve matches from each tournament.

Some background…
  • Last fall, the NDBA Board approved a project in which NDBA partnered with BEK Communications and professionals at NDSU Extension to produce two Farm Stress PSAs. FirstLink was also a partner.
  • You may hear a familiar voice. BEK reached out to Al Gustin to do the voiceover work for the PSAs.
  • NDBA’s investment included production of two PSAs that aired for six months with a minimum of one PSA during each live event BEK broadcasts.


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